"Once a Marine, Always a Marine."

Marine Corps League Links:

Department of Illinois Marine Corps League

National Association of the Marine Corps League

Marine Corps League Auxiliary Shawnee Unit #320


Midwest Marine Foundation. Marine Corps Association & Foundation -http://www.mcafdn.org/

Membership is the lifeblood of the MCA & F. Members benefit by staying connected to the Corps and by being part of an Association that fosters the spirit, and preserves the rich traditions of the United States Marine Corps throughout the Marine Corps family. Many
​MCA & F members feel that being part of the Association is a way to give something back to the Corps and the men and women that serve so valiantly today; an opportunity for veterans and retirees to share the duty, honor, and commitment of the past with today’s Marines. But beyond the history and connection, membership offers many tangible benefits.

Veterans Service Center - Southern Illinois University

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)

American Legion

Semper Fi Store

Leatherneck Magazine

Marine Corps Gazette -

The Marine Corps Gazette is the professional journal for ALL Marines. Written by Marines for Marines since its inception in 1916, it provides a forum for expression and debate on issues, concepts and matters that advance knowledge, interest, skills and esprit within the Corps. 

The Marine Shop -

The Leatherneck
Leatherneck is the premiere magazine of the United States Marine Corps...yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Leatherneck’s well-written articles focus on all Marines – where they serve, their programs, equipment used, uniforms worn and operational commitments undertaken. Leatherneck features articles on the rich history and traditions of the Corps and those legendary Marines who made our Corps what it is today.

Shawnee Detachment 812

Matt McVey, Mark Cosgrove

and Phil Lindberg

​     Mark Cosgrove and Rick Upton

     Mark Fager, Phil Lindberg,

Eric Dearing and Jack Whitlock